Solar Array Simulator

Silov solutions brings to you its unique PV Emulator with unparalleled features that set it apart. This PV Emulator works not only as a solar array emulator, but as a simulator as well. The device is capable of producing a wide range of responses generated under controlled external conditions such as the time of the day, effects of the season and location. It is also curated to best accommodate the specifications of various manufacturers.


Silov Solutions presents to you it’s nonpareil PV Emulator, with features that make it stand apart in the international market. With its low current leakage and precision in V and I measurements, it manages to be the perfect solution that meets your demands. Along with its easy distinct simulator cum emulator design, it comes with a 1KW high power density module, with easy parallel connections. This device is capable of producing an extensive range of outputs, all generated by moderating and observing various conditions such as the time of the day, the location, and the seasonal effects. Additionally, the device has a current input range of 0-20 A, and a voltage input range of 0-50 V (both in DC), which makes it feasible to use.

– Voltage range : (0 – 50) V DC
– Current Range : (0 – 20) A DC
– AC input voltage range : (180 – 230) V AC
– 1kW high power density module with easy parallel operation
– Simulation and emulation of I-V characteristics
– Simulation of dynamic irradiation intensity and temperature level from clear day to cloud cover conditions
– Low leakage current
– Precision V & I measurements
– Auto I-V program
– MPPT efficiency testing of PV inverters and charge controller
– Data recorded via soft panel
– USB (2.0)

– Solar array I-V curve simulation power supply
– Solar array I-V curve simulation soft panel
– Simulates different Solar Cell Materials I-V characteristic fill factor
– MPPT efficiency testing
– Data recording
– Parallel operation up to 2kW
– Shadow I-V curve simulation
– Evaluating the PV Inverter’s conversion efficiency
– Real solar PV simulation/ emulation
– Autorun function of MPPT testing

This PV emulator can be used to support a multiplicity of experiments, at various levels. It helps in meeting our aim of bridging the gap between devices and research. Some experiments using this device are –
– Testing of MPPT Algorithms
– Effect of shadow or cloud conditions on PV Panel
– De-rated PV operation
– Calculation of Mpp, Fill Factor, Impp, and Vmpp
– Efficiency vs load characteristics of a PV Panel
– Implementation with variable Rs and Dq of Solar PV Panels
– Implementation of series and parallel Solar PV Panel Connection
– Effect of temperature under different irradiance conditions

– Solar charge controller with MPP tracking


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