Our team comprises of professionals from different prestigious engineering institutes who have come together to dedicate themselves to the development and betterment of renewable energy. Team Silov Solutions has a skilled staff that is ready to adapt and develop to best serve the clients. Our diversified range of dedicated workers are engineers in the field of electronics, mechanics and electrical and they come together to be a part of a single team, to offer their skills and dedicate to a common goal.

About Our Founder

Dr. Sukumar Mishra (Senior Member, IEEE) is a Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and has been its part for the past 20 years. Prof. Mishra has won many accolades such as Young Scientist award (1999) by Orissa Bigyan Academy, INSA medal for young scientist (2002), INAE young engineer award (2002), INAE silver jubilee young engineer award (2012), The Samanta Chandra Shekhar award (2016), Bimal Bose award (2019) and NASI-Reliance Platinum Jubilee award (2019), National Mission Innovation Championship award (2019) and INAE Outstanding Teachers award (2021). He has been granted fellowships from academies like NASI (India), INAE (India) and professional societies like IET (U.K.), IETE (India), IE (India). He has also been recognized as the INAE Industry Academic Distinguished Professor. Prof. Mishra is currently acting as ABB Chair professor and has previously delegated as the NTPC, INAE and Power Grid Chair professor. He has also served as an Independent Director of the Cross Border Power Transmission Company Ltd. and the River Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Prof. Mishra’s research expertise lies in the field of Power Systems, Power Quality Studies, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid. Also, he has been functioning as Associate Dean R&D of IIT Delhi from March, 2020. Prof. Mishra has so far authored more than 90 IEEE Transactions/Journals, 32 IET Journals and 30 other international journal papers. He has supervised 20 Phd students, 40 Masters students. Prof. Mishra has also authored 7 book chapters so far and has 16 patents to his credit.

Our Co-Founders

Sumakesh Mishra

Dr. S M Chetty

Swarakesh Mishra